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August Major Release (Salesforce Managed Package, Relationship Metrics)

New 3 days ago

This release includes some major new features to help with better understanding your relationships and pushing data to Salesforce. 

Salesforce Managed Package

SigParser now has support for a managed package. We're currently going thru the partner program/security process with Salesforce to get it approved. Until then it is in beta mode. 

The managed package includes the following fields that will always be set if a matching record is found by email address in the CRM and the package is installed:

  • New Contact and Lead fields
    • SigParser Address
    • SigParser CC Emails
    • SigParser Closest Internal Email
    • SigParser Closest Internal Relation User
    • SigParser Created Date
    • SigParser Direct Inbound Emails
    • SigParser Direct Outbound Emails
    • SigParser Email Bounced Date
    • SigParser Email Folders
    • SigParser Email Status
    • SigParser Estimated Location
    • SigParser Fields Last Updated
    • SigParser Inbound Emails
    • SigParser Job Title
    • SigParser Last Updated
    • SigParser LinkedInUrl
    • SigParser Mailboxes
    • SigParser Meetings
    • SigParser Mobile Phone
    • SigParser Organization Name
    • SigParser Outbound Emails
    • SigParser Phone
    • SigParser Strongest Mailbox
    • SigParser Strongest Mailbox User
    • SigParser Tags
    • SigParser Twitter Url
    • SigParser Work Phone

There is also a new object called Internal Relationship Metrics which contains multiple rows for each Contact object. This makes it easy to see once you've opened a contact who has the strongest relationship. 

Relationship Metrics

While SigParser is great at finding contact information it has been hard to know who in the organization has the best relationship with each contact. In this release we've tried to make it much easier. 

On each contact there are some new fields:

  • Direct Inbound Emails - How many times did this contact email someone in your organization
  • Direct Outbound Emails - How many times did someone in your organization email this contact
  • CC Email Field Occurances - How many time was the contact's email address in the CC field on an email. 
  • Strongest Internal Relationship - The email address of a person within your organization with the best relationship with this contact. Multiple factors are taken into account such as:
    • Ratio of Inbound to Outbound emails
    • Direct emails vs CC
    • Meetings are weighted higher than emails
    • When the communication happened
  • Mailbox with Most Interactions - Which mailbox had the most interactions with a contact.
  • Mailbox With Most Interactions - Emails - How many emails were found in the mailbox with the most interactions.
  • Mailbox with Most Interactions - Meetings - How many meetings were found in the mailbox with the most interactions.
  • Mailboxes - This column will always return the list of mailboxes in the order of most to least interactions. Also, it will now only return the first 10 mailboxes. 

Recent Updates

New 3 weeks ago
  • Exchange: Better handling for server timeouts.
  • Exchange, Office 365, Google: Process more mailboxes in parallel.
  • Website: Improve performance for contact details page
  • Google: Handle 403 error for Google Calendar when the user doesn't have a calendar.
  • PST File upload process is simpler.
  • Fixed coupon calculation
  • Integromat: Add a delay before returning the key on authorization becuase sometimes there was an error generated when the key wasn't ready to be used yet.
  • Added menu item for the PST Files page under Contacts

June Updates

New 1 month ago
  • Email Status Verification: Don't validate internal contacts or spam contacts.
  • Nimble CRM: Added an Integromat template
  • Insightly CRM: Add an Integromat template
  • Office 365: The Office 365 API would sometimes return an error when fetching attachments. This will no longer stop processing. 
  • Organization Name field: This is populated by the email parsing algorithm and will be extracted from email signatures.
  • Airtable: Integromat template
  • Zoho CRM: Integromat template
  • HubSpot: Support for Companies and Owners sync options.
  • Fixed: Billing admins can now see the billing screen.
  • CRM Audit support for all connectors

Email parser and sync improvements

Improvement 2 months ago

Email Parser Improvements

  • Phone numbers with encoded dashes will be properly treated as a dash.
  • Performance improvement for email parsing for on premise customers.
  • UK address capture
  • Strip out mailto: links and properly split emails with links that are converted to text as some security systems do to emails.
  • Added Czech email plitting support
  • Added Korean, Norweigian, Danish support.

Application Improvements

  • When pushing contacts to a CRM system and phone cleanup is enabled SigParser will remove extra zeros from Eurpean phone numbers. For example, +46 (0) 33333 333333 will be converted to +46 33333 333333 which makes it a dialable number. 
  • When pushing contacts to a CRM and name cleanup is enabled SigParser will remove emojis from names. 
  • Phone geocoding was incorrectly geocoding some international numbers as US phone numbers.
  • Switch to Google for geocoding for better international plotting of contacts on a map outside of the US and Canada.
  • Don't generate email folder buckets for folders like INBOX.Trash or INBOX.Spam.

SigParser UI enhancements

New 2 months ago

There are a bunch of new changes to SigParser today.


  • New UI changes for the dashboard, mailboxes and connectors. We expect this to make it easier to get started and easier to understand that status of your connections. 
  • Email Parser: Better email splitting and name capture for email chains generated by
  • Bug Fix: Auto complete for buckets and tags on the advanced search was only showing Email Folders.
  • Office 365: Credentials should no longer expire every 90 days.
  • Email folder for contacts will be updated if the email has already been processed and the email is later moved or a different label is applied.
  • HubSpot contact diff report can report missing phone numbers, titles and locations on a per contact basis. 
  • Export: Added first and last name fields to the export file. 
  • Salesforce: Fixed a bug when there were more than 1 million Accounts in Salesforce and only a few Contacts which would cause the "Add Contact" screen to crash.